Using Photos to Discuss Issues


Read carefully below the instructions for this assignment.  You will have two days in the lab to complete this assignment.  It is worth 100 points. You can work with a partner.

sample project

Overview In the late 19th Century, cities in America began to grow at a rapid pace. Immigrants in search of jobs were flowing into the urban areas.  Political leaders struggled to meet the needs of the citizens. Many urban problems began to consume the cities.  Political leaders began to look for answers. The Progressive Movement began. This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore two urban problems that plagued the cities, use photos from the time period to illustrate these problems, and create a program that would help alleviate or eliminate that specific urban problem.
Directions Develop a PowerPoint presentation that examines two major urban problems Americans faced in the late 19th Century.  Locate two Jacob Riis photographs using the weblinks below.  Use the OPTIC strategy to examine and explain the photos in the PowerPoint presentation.  After illustrating and explaining the two urban problems, create two programs that could work to eliminate the specific urban problems.
Web Page Links
PowerPoint Your PowerPoint (6-10 slides) must include the following:
  • Title Page
  • Two Urban Problems
  • Two Jacob Riis Photos
  • Explanation of the Photos using OPTIC
  • Two programs designed to eliminate or reduce the urban problems you specified.
  • Sources Used