Advanced Placement European History

"Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too"
Voltaire, Essay on Tolerance

Tom Richey explains the new DBQ rubric

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New DBQ Rubric

New LEQ Rubrics

SAQ guide

General Resources

Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance Renaissance Assignment Raphael
  Leonardo da Vinci Titian
The Prince   Botticelli
Visit the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo Renaissance resources - This site contains many links that are categorized by topic. All relate to the Renaissance.
Art History Resources   Smart History -great site about art

Power Points
History is the best site for AP European History
AP Cave - The wizard brings you fabulous enrichment materials on art, social history, etc. He also has review materials.  
The site is maintained by a teacher for his class. Most students find it very helpful.

The Pope Commemorates The Reformation That Split Western Christianity


Mein Kampf The Story of Adolf Hitler History Channel Documentary

Europe: From WWII To Today's European Union

Chernobyl timeline: World’s worst nuclear disaster 30 years

"All Power to the Imagination": Paris, May 1968: The Student Revolt


The European Union Explained


Dreyfus Game

Political Reform in 19th Century Britain

What is a stadtholder?

Enlightenment Rap by Tom Richey

Metternich Rap by Tom Richey

Oliver Cromwell by Monty Python

Review Page

English Crown at a Glance

The Children Who Built Victorian Britain

Romanticism Project Links Romanticism in Literature Goethe
Romanticism in Art Brothers Grimm Beethoven
Romantic Romanticism and Music  
Romanticism in Art Brothers Grimm  

THE GREAT WAR channel follows the events of World War 1 week by week.
In realtime we show the events of the war as they unfold, introduce the most important historical figures and answer your questions in our format OUT OF THE TRENCHES.


Art Institute

AP European Review Page and Quizzes- This page reviews each topics and provides on line quizzes. This is a great review page.

HyperHistory- is an interactive timeline. It will be good to use for the review

Outline Form -outline worksheet for organizing an essay


19th Century Victorian Web
Marxism Page  
Victorian England -A Great Nation??Game  
Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management  

The First World War-This site has vintage film, photos, songs...

World War 1

Animated Maps

Europe Maps

European Geography Games

Can you name the countries of Europe?

Map of Europe


Galileo - This site has a lot of information about Galileo. You can try his experiments too


Vermeer Website

Art Institute of Chicago

Burning Times

Witch Hunt Game

Witch Hunt

Political Cartoons - This site has political cartoons from around the world. Check out Europe.


White Rose Pamphlets

Italian Unification video/lecture

History in Motion-Vintage film

Dream Interpretation

The Art of World War 1

The Urban Game

German Aircraft DBQ


Witch DBQ

Napoleon PBS


Tudor Games

Marie Antoinette

French Revolution

The History Learning Site-Great for review

Sophie Scholl

Peace, Land and Bread cartoon

Mini-Lesson Final Project
Project Rubric

Map quizzes